Bring the Adventure Everywhere You Go with Easy to Carry Inflatable Boats and Kayaks


Perun inflatable boats and kayaks

Are the perfect way to experience Canada’sΒ  beautiful waterways without the hassles of owning a traditional boat. Durable, European construction makes each watercraft dependable while the easy to carry design ensures you can bring the adventure everywhere you go.

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Why Choose Inflatable Boats?

Traditional boats can be a lot of fun but they are also expensive, require a ton of maintenance, and also need year round storage. With boating season only lasting about half the year in Canada, having to store a boat year round is just not convenient or practical. Fortunately, with inflatable boats Canada’s water lovers can avoid these issues while still getting to experience the joys of owning a boat.

  • Easy to Carry: Each inflatable boat comes with a convenient carrying bag that can easily fit into the trunk of a car and be carried by a single person.
  • Easy to Transport: While a traditional boat requires a car with towing capacity, an inflatable boat can be transported in even the smallest of vehicles.
  • Easy Storage: Unlike a traditional boat, an inflatable one does not need to be stored at a marina. In fact, you can store it folded in its carrying bag as long as the boat is completely dry when you put it in. However, note that storing it while inflated is better for overall longevity. Fortunately, lightweight construction makes storing even an inflated boat easier than a traditional boat.
  • Launch from Anywhere: Traditional boats require a boat launch, a ramp that the boat needs to transition from the land to the water. With an inflatable boat, you can launch from anywhere with ease. Simply place the boat in the water and you’re ready to go.
  • Cost-Effective: An inflatable boat saves you money in multiple ways compared to a traditional boat. First, a traditional boat of comparable size to an inflatable one will be multiple times more expensive. Secondly, you will not need to pay for marina storage.
  • Easy Maintenance: Oftentimes, owners of traditional boats can spend more time caring for and maintaining their vessels than they do enjoying them. An inflatable boat, in comparison, really only requires one thing: to be stored clean and dry.Β  Remove water and dirt from your boat before packing it away and you will greatly improve the longevity of your boat. Bonus points for maintenance if you can avoid leaving your boat out in direct sunlight.

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2 Year Warranty on All Inflatable Boats Canada

We know how important it is to have outdoor equipment you can rely on. This is why we offer a two-year limited warranty on all of our inflatable boats. Canada’s waters Β offer some of the best and most scenic boating opportunities and we are committed to helping you enjoy them by offering high-quality products with warranties that give you peace of mind.

High Quality PVC Inflatable Boats with Welded Construction

Unlike many other inflatable boats, each of our models is constructed with welded seams.Β  This hot air welding method creates a fused seam that is much stronger than the more common glued seams of other inflatable boats. Canada’s outdoor enthusiasts can count on these welded seams to stand up to many hours out on the water.

Manufactured in Europe using the highest quality PVC sourced from South Korea, each of our inflatable water crafts are also abrasion resistant, flexible, and air-tight. With proper care, even a well used inflatable boat will last for several years and dozens of adventures.

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Inflatable Boats Q&A

Where Can I Use My Inflatable Boat with Motor?

Canada, like other countries, has bodies of water with no wake zones. These zones prohibit going over a certain speed limit which you will need to be aware of when operating your inflatable boat with motor. However, for both motorized and non-motorized inflatable boats, your watercraft is best suited to relaxing on calm bodies of water. Though they are safe and constructed of durable material, inflatable boats are too light weight to withstand rough or choppy waters.

Can I Still Paddle my Inflatable Boat with Motor?

Definitely! When you choose an inflatable boat with motor it is constructed just as a rowboat is but the design allows for an outboard motor to be attached.

How Do I Inflate my Boat?

Each of our inflatable water crafts comes with an easy to use foot pump. Within a matter of minutes you can fully inflate your boat and be ready to set sail.

How Many People Can an Inflatable Boat Fit?

This will depend on the model of boat you choose, but the range is from one to six people. Set out on your own in our INFLATABLE BOAT - 190 ROWING 6'3" built perfectly for one occupant or get the whole group together with our six person INFLATABLE BOAT - 410 MOTOR W/ KEEL 13'5".
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Choose an Inflatable Boat with Motor for Even More Adventure

What’s even better than an inflatable boat? An inflatable boat you don’t have to paddle. Get all the convenience of our row boats but with an added boost when you choose an inflatable boat with motor. Canada offers plenty of waterways perfect for rowing but an inflatable boat with motor helps you explore even more.

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Accessible Pricing

Inflatable boats are naturally more affordable than traditional boats but at Perun, we take it a step further. We make it even more possible for people to own high-quality inflatable boats with our accessible pricing. We offer boats in a range of price points from single occupant boats up to six person boats perfect for getting all your friends together.

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why choose us

Find the Perfect Inflatable Boat for You

Ready to get started on your next boating adventure? Perun Outdoors is here to help. We are dedicated to providing quality, value, and an excellent customer experience. Get started by visiting our catalog or contact us to get started.

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