Bring the Adventure Everywhere You Go with Easy to Carry Inflatable Kayaks and Boats

Perun inflatable kayaks are built to help you see more and do more in the great outdoors. With a slim profile and lightweight construction, our kayaks are easily portable and make navigating the water a breeze. Constructed of the same high quality PVC as our boats, our blow up kayaks are as durable as they are fun to use.


2 Year Warranty

With each purchase from Perun, we want you to have a great experience and confidence in the reliability of our products. This is why we offer a two-year limited warranty on each inflatable kayak. Canada has vast and beautiful outdoor attractions. Go forth and enjoy them with peace of mind.

Inflatable Kayaks Vs. Inflatable Boats

Not sure if an inflatable kayak or boat is right for you? There are some key differences that can help you decide.

Maximum Occupancy

With an inflatable kayak, Canada adventurers can expect a maximum occupancy of two plus room for small luggage. Some models are also built for solo occupancy and faster speeds. In contrast, some of our inflatable boat models can comfortably carry up to six occupants.

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Inflatable kayaks are narrower than boats, making it easier for them to cut through the water. Our sport line of inflatable kayaks have an even slimmer profile making them ideal for anyone who wants to reach greater speeds while testing their endurance.

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While some inflatable kayaks can be used with a motor, this is not as typical or easy as it is for a boat. Due to this, kayaks are best suited for the outdoor adventurer who likes the idea of getting an arm workout while they enjoy the water.

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While both our inflatable kayaks and boats can be neatly tucked into a carrying bag, kayaks are lighter and easier to carry. Their narrower frame and lower occupant capacity ensures they weigh significantly less.

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An inflatable kayak’s narrower profile can make it more suitable to bodies of water that are also more narrow. While it’s not advisable to take any watercraft into an area where the fit may be too tight, an inflatable kayak can make it easier to navigate certain places.

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Get an inflatable kayak if:

  • You plan to travel alone or with no more than one other person
  • You want to test your strength and endurance with no motorization
  • You value a lighter, easier to carry vessel

Get an inflatable Boat if:

  • You want to travel with two or more people
  • You want extra storage space
  • You want to use a motor
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Difference Between an Inflatable Canoe and Kayak

Is an Inflatable canoe different from a kayak? If you’ve ever mistaken an inflatable canoe for a kayak or vice versa, you are definitely not alone. While an inflatable canoe is similar to a kayak, there are differences.

The primary difference is that in an inflatable canoe you are kneeling while a kayak allows the paddler to sit. Additionally, an inflatable canoe uses a single bladed oar while a kayak has a double bladed oar. The single bladed oar is used to both propel and steer the vessel. In contrast, the kayak has a rutter that is used for steering and its oar is only used to propel the boat.

Comfortable, inflatable seats are included in each inflatable kayak. Canada adventurers can row in comfort even in our narrower Sport series thanks to the seated position allowed in kayaks.

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Inflatable Kayak Q&A

Are there weight limits on inflatable kayaks?

Yes, though the exact limit will depend on the model you choose and the number of occupants allowed. This total weight limit will apply to both occupants and any supplies you may bring along.

Can I row a two-person kayak alone?

Yes, this is possible though you may have to experiment with which seat is easiest for you to row from.

Will an Inflatable Kayak fit in my trunk?

Absolutely! Each of our inflatable water crafts can be easily packed into their included carrying bag and fit in a trunk.

How are the kayaks inflated?

Each of our inflatable kayaks comes with a foot pump that you can use to fully inflate your kayak in under 10 minutes.
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Durable PVC Inflatable Kayaks with Welded Seam Construction

Each of our inflatable watercrafts is constructed of high quality PVC with welded seams. While many other inflatable kayaks on the market are glued together, our hot air welded seams create a stronger bond with greater flexibility. This makes our Sport line of kayaks even more durable and ready to take on bigger adventures. Our PVC is specially sourced from South Korea and constructed in Europe.

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Try Our Sport Line of Inflatable Kayaks

Built for speed and endurance, our Sport line of inflatable kayaks have a slimmer profile to easily cut through the water. Ideal for any adventurer who wants to test their own limits, our Sport series is popular with athletes and seasoned kayakers. Choose from the single occupant INFLATABLE KAYAK - 300 SPORT 9'10" or the two-occupant INFLATABLE KAYAK - 450 SPORT 14'9".

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Take it Easy with Blow Up Kayaks Built for Comfort

Want a more leisurely experience on the water? Try a Comfort line inflatable kayak. Canada waterways offer many scenic spots and our Comfort line helps you sit, relax, and enjoy them. The wider design of our Comfort series allows for more room to stretch out or bring along supplies for a day out on the water. Choose from the single occupant INFLATABLE KAYAK - 300 COMFORT 9'10" or the two-occupant INFLATABLE KAYAK - 400 COMFORT 13'1".

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Find the Perfect Inflatable Kayak for You

As avid outdoor adventurers ourselves, the Perun team understands how important it is to get the right equipment to enjoy the sports and activities you love. Our line of inflatable kayaks reflect what we want in a watercraft and what we want to bring to our customers. We invite you to browse our catalog or contact us with any questions you have.

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