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How to Assemble a Boat: Pumping up a PVC Boat and Preparing it for Launching Water

Tired of fishing from the shore and putting big fish in a jar of mayonnaise! And so you accept decision to buy an inflatable boat, choose a model, place an order. Carefully packaged in a box the boat has been delivered. Hurry up and go fishing! I would like to take a carrying bag that contains your new inflatable, and...


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Do not hurry. Just a couple of minutes of theory - and you will learn how to assemble a PVC boat and prepare it for launching water. We are sure that you probably have a personal list of ideas on the topic "how to spend precious time on nature". And the boring fuss with the watercraft is clearly not included in it. Presented below action sequence ideal for inflatable boat.

How to Inflate a Boat: Let's Start.

Are you already on the beach? Find a relatively flat spot and remove the boat from the bag.



Now insert the bottom flooring (slate mat or slate-book) if you have an inflatable boat with sleigh.

Are you the owner of Perunoutdoors inflatable boat? Congratulations, you no longer need to do additional gestures.

Turn the air valves to the "closed" position (they are usually open on a new PVC boat). And start

The Boat is Pumped from the Bow:

You want to travel with two or more people

You want extra storage space

You want to use a motor


An Important Nuance:

If the cylinders are not fully inflated, the seats may fall out of the grooves!

But back to the question "how to pump up the boat", or rather - to the stern. The sequence of actions here is the same, as in the case of the nose. Pumped up - inserted the seat - brought the matter to the end.

How to inflate a boat with movable or inflatable seats

Have you decided to buy a Perunoutdoors inflatable boat equipped with inflatable seats? For you as well also for owners of a PVC boat with movable seats, the following information: in both cases, the seats inserted after the boat is fully inflated. Although the movable seat can also be installed on stage of the initial pumping.

At the same time, the inflatable seat is inflated directly in the boat. In the semi-inflated state, it is inserted into the place that you defined for it. And already there it is brought to the state of "sat down and swim


Quick inflation of a PVC boat or "a little about valves"

The air valves can be opened if you want to pump up the boat as quickly as possible and still have a manual or foot pump. Why not do it right away? Because with an electric pump (take it for example) without whether the valve is open or closed. The tip of such a pump has grooves that open the valve themselves. When you remove the handpiece, the valve closes automatically.

In the case of a conventional foot or hand pump, the open air valve remains open. you take out pump - and part of the air comes out. Protective function of the valve - possibility of manual orientation - turns into a disadvantage if you do not know that you can open / close it yourself. That's why we usually recommend closing the valves before starting to inflate the PVC Rook boat.


An alternative (and the answer to the question "how to inflate the boat as quickly as possible" if there is no electric pump) would be the following sequence:

Open the air valve, insert the tip of the foot or hand pump into it. Easily and quickly inflate the balloon. Remove the handpiece (some air will escape; this is normal) and close the valve. Reinsert the tip and bring the balloon to a fully inflated state. Repeat for the second and third balloons. Ready! It remains to attach the oars and a hinged transom (if you have a boat with transom), insert the seats (see above), fix the engine (if you are the owner of a motor boat), and you can go sailing.

Now let's get back to the air valves for a moment. If, when inflating cylinders, the air strives for them off when you remove the pump adapter from the valve, it may be that this same valve is still now open.


Operation of the boat at a pressure in the side compartments that exceeds the nominal pressure, leads to a sharp decrease in the life of the boat. We hope this review has helped you learn how to assemble your boat and prepare it for launching. Upcoming PVC boat pumping still causes you questions? Call us. Competent consultants will help deal with the nuances!