Seahawk Boats Vs. Perun Boats

Seahawk boats or Perun boats? That is the question, but is it really any competition at all? Both Seahawk and Perun make inflatable water crafts for recreational use. However, there are some key features that could make Perun a better choice for many boaters.

In particular, at least one reviewer noted that Seahawk had faulty seams that did not hold up after only three uses. Perun is also a better choice for anyone purchasing in Canada since Perun is a Canada-based company.

Here we will look at some other key features of both Seahawk boats and Perun inflatable boats. Read on to find out what you should look for in an inflatable boat and what type of inflatable boat is best for your needs. 


Seahawk: According to the FAQ section of the Seahawk website, only some of their items are covered under a warranty. This warranty appears to be a max of 90 days even for covered items.

Perun:  Perun protects your purchase with a 2 year warranty on all inflatable boats. This offers a major advantage in terms of peace of mind. Enjoy your boat with less stress knowing you have two years of automatic coverage for a variety of damage types. 

Welded Seams

Quality seams are as important, if possibly not more important than the actual material of an inflatable boat. Even if you have the highest quality PVC, it will not matter if the seams allow in water. 

No matter what kind of boat you plan to buy, welded seams are a must have construction feature. When seams are welded they have a mechanical bond that joins the pieces of fabric as if they were one making the bond much stronger.

Disadvantages of Glued Seams

Some boats will have glued seams instead. These boats tend to be cheaper and only good for use in a pool or on very calm waters. Even with this gentle use, they will be much more prone to breaking apart as glued seams rely on a chemical reaction to hold pieces of fabric together. This chemical bond can be easily broken from the heat that is generated when a boat is inflated. 

Moreover, when seams are glued, the process leaves more room for error compared to welded seams since glue is applied manually. It is much easier to miss an area with glue than it is to improperly weld a seam. Additionally, the glue used is toxic for the environment and for people.  

Seahawk Vs. Perun Seams 

Both Seahawk and Perun boats are constructed with welded seams which makes both suitable for a variety of environments. However, some customers noted inferior seams on Seahawk boats. 

One Amazon review for the Intex Seahawk 4 noted that the boat’s seams started to take in water after just three uses on the water. The review stated “I found wear on the seam under the water was starting to separate on both sides of the hull. Keep in mind this was the third time out on the lake…”

Though this is only one review, it was rated the most informative of the critical reviews. With seams being such an important part of an inflatable boat, this is hard to ignore. 


Though plenty of companies can create multiple quality products, often the best products come from companies that focus on one area of expertise. This can be seen when comparing Perun boats to Seahawk boats.

Perun exclusively focuses on inflatable boats and kayaks. These are products created for outdoor adventurers by people who also love boating themselves. In comparison, Seahawk boats come from Intex who also create inflatable pools, spas, beach toys and other water-friendly products. 

Motor Options

Seahawk: Seahawk offers both motor and row boats. However, it is somewhat unclear which models have motor mount fittings available. Whether a particular model has these fittings will be listed in the user manual but many older models do not seem to have them.

Perun: Perun also offers both motor and row boats. Each current row boat offers an “attachable transom that can let you utilize a modest electric motor too.”

Canada Vs. U.S. Buying Options

While both Perun and Seahawk boats are available in Canada, only Perun boats are shipped from Canada. If you are a Canadian boater, this offers several advantages.

For Canadian buyers, Perun offers these advantages:

  • First, shipping will almost definitely be quicker coming from within your home country.
  • Perun gives you the option to purchase in Canadian currency. 
  • Purchasing in Canadian currency from a Canadian company who regularly deals with Canadian taxes and fees can help you avoid any unwelcome surprises in the form of additional shipping fees. 
  • Perun also ensures you get Canadian based customer support. 
  • Support a local business close to home. 

Things to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Boat

Finding the perfect inflatable boat for your needs is about more than choosing a brand name or single feature. It is important to consider what you want to use your boat for, the seating capacity you need, and whether or not you want a paddle boat or a motor. Most importantly, you want a boat that keeps you safe and enhances your time on the water. 

Consider these factors when choosing an inflatable boat:

  • Warranty and Customer Support: Not only should you purchase a boat with a warranty but also from a company that will honor that warranty with dedicated customer support.
  • Seating Capacity: Inflatable boats can fit anywhere from 2 to 6 passengers. Consider who is most likely to be traveling with you or if you will be traveling alone. 
  • Multiple Air Chambers: No matter what other features you look for in a boat, auxiliary or redundant air chambers should be top of the list. Extra air chambers are used to keep your boat afloat if another air chamber is punctured. 
  • How You Plan to Use Your Boat: While boats like the Perun 270 Motor 8'9" are quite versatile, there are some situations where you may need a specialty boat. In particular, if you plan to go whitewater rafting, look for a boat that is rated as safe for these conditions. 

Find the Right Inflatable Boat for You 

At Perun Outdoors, we understand the needs of boaters because we are water lovers ourselves. This is why we only create inflatable boats and kayaks that we personally want to use. Our focus is on craftsmanship and limiting our selection of products to only the best inflatable water crafts.

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