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Inflatable Boats Q&A

Where Can I Use My Inflatable Boat with Motor?

Canada, like other countries, has bodies of water with no wake zones. These zones prohibit going over a certain speed limit which you will need to be aware of when operating your inflatable boat with motor. However, for both motorized and non-motorized inflatable boats, your watercraft is best suited to relaxing on calm bodies of water. Though they are safe and constructed of durable material, inflatable boats are too light weight to withstand rough or choppy waters.

Can I Still Paddle my Inflatable Boat with Motor?

Definitely! When you choose an inflatable boat with motor it is constructed just as a rowboat is but the design allows for an outboard motor to be attached.

How Do I Inflate my Boat?

Each of our inflatable water crafts comes with an easy to use foot pump. Within a matter of minutes you can fully inflate your boat and be ready to set sail.

How Many People Can an Inflatable Boat Fit?

This will depend on the model of boat you choose, but the range is from one to six people. Set out on your own in our INFLATABLE BOAT - 190 ROWING 6'3" built perfectly for one occupant or get the whole group together with our six person INFLATABLE BOAT - 410 MOTOR W/ KEEL 13'5".