Why Buy an Inflatable Boat?

Getting out on the water is one of the great pleasures of outdoor adventuring. However, owning a traditional boat is costly, involves a good amount of maintenance, and requires a dedicated space for storage. So, how can you still enjoy the water without the cost and commitment of owning a boat? An inflatable boat could be the answer. 

Often a fraction of the cost of most traditional boats and requiring minimal maintenance, inflatable boats make boating accessible and convenient for thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. Here we will look at why you should buy an inflatable boat and if an inflatable boat is right for you. 

Ways that an Inflatable Boat Saves You Money

One of the biggest advantages of inflatable boats is their affordability compared to traditional boats. However, their upfront cost is not their only cost savings advantage. 

Initial Cost: Inflatable boats are less expensive than nearly all traditional style boats. While a higher end inflatable boat will typically top out at around $2,000, some of the most basic sailboats start at $12,000. Though inflatable boats are great for avid boaters, their lower price point makes them ideal even for those who only get out on the water a few times a year.

No More Boat Rental Fees: Boat rental fees can range anywhere from $50/hr to several hundred depending on the type you rent. With many soft bottom inflatable boats costing less than $1000, you could already be saving money after just a few trips out on the water. 

No Storage Fees: Inflatable boats can easily be stored in a shed, garage, or even the trunk of your car. No marina fees required. However, it is worth noting that storing the boat in the inflated position is best and, ideally, you want to avoid extreme cold and warm temperatures. 

Maintenance: Along with maintenance being fairly simple, it is also cheaper than maintenance on a traditional boat. For most repairs on a traditional boat, you will likely need special knowledge or need to hire an expert. With inflatable boats, punctures are the primary type of damage that can occur and these can be fixed with a patch.


The durability of inflatable boats has increased dramatically over the years with many PVC boats lasting up to 10 years. However, the longevity does depend on the quality and construction of the boat. Specifically, inflatable boats with welded seams will far outlast those that have been glued. Each of Perun Outdoors’ inflatable boats is constructed of premium PVC and held together with expertly welded seams to give you maximum durability. 

Convenient to Carry

Soft-bottomed Inflatable boats can be packed away in just two bags: one for the body of the boat and a second for the floor. Typically coming in under 40lbs, even the two bags combined are light enough for most people to carry. 

Easy to Take Wherever You Go 

The lightweight construction and ability to fold into bags means you can take your inflatable boat just about anywhere. Keep it in your trunk during boating season for spontaneous weekend and after work excursions. 

Easy Maintenance 

Inflatable boats’ easy maintenance will save you both money and time over a traditional boat. Generally, maintenance involves little more than making sure your boat is clean and dry before storing it. You will also need to patch puncture holes if damage occurs but this is a far easier and cheaper process than repairing a traditional boat. 


Casual Boating: Though an inflatable boat can take on more rigorous boating, it also makes an ideal option for those who want a small, affordable boat for fishing and quiet afternoons on the water.  With traditional boats, there is far more commitment and expense which scares many people away. Inflatable boats remove these barriers and open up the world of boating to just about anyone. 

Tender Boat: Additionally, an inflatable boat can be used as a tender, a small boat that can carry supplies or passengers to land from a larger boat or between two larger boats. 

Adventuring: Due to the narrower profile of smaller inflatable boats, they can make a great vessel for exploring. Able to fit into more compact spaces, they can often go where larger boats cannot. Additionally, a small inflatable boat keeps you closer to nature making them great for anyone who wants to take photos while out on the water. 

Is an Inflatable Boat Right for You?

Though inflatable boats have many advantages, there are some considerations to be made, including these factors: 

Longevity: First, inflatable boats, though durable, will not last as long as a traditional boat in most cases. If you do not mind the upkeep and cost of a traditional boat and want to keep it for decades, then a traditional boat might be best.

Carrying Capacity: Additionally, inflatable boats are typically not able to handle as much weight as a traditional boat or allow for as many passengers. Excursions of many hours out on the water may also not be advisable since you will not be able to carry as many supplies and seating is not as supportive. 

Durability: Though welded seams make Perun boats much more durable than those with glued seams, all inflatable boats can be punctured if there is a big enough impact with a sharp object. Due to this, it is not advisable to take an inflatable boat where you are likely to encounter rocky terrain and you must be diligent in checking your boat for wear before each trip. 

Find the Right Inflatable Boat for You 

Whether you want a compact one-person inflatable boat to get away from it all, or you want to set sail with several of your closest friends, Perun Outdoors has you covered. Our premium, welded seam PVC boats are available in capacities for up to six people. Durable, easy to carry, and cost-effective, inflatable boats are the fast and easy way to start enjoying the water. Browse our complete selection of inflatable boats now.  

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